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show off

from KEEP by Esoteric Tapioca



if you're here to show me up or show off how well you're put-together
you'll find
that your coquettish looks, and clasped hands, and boyfriend's band
is just a waste of your time
and I'll leave it alone you're just a clone
a long face, I see you waiting in line
and I won't get the phone when you decide to call me up
I'm sick of saying goodbyes
the memories they slowly fade on into black
there's not much here to miss and there's nothing to go back to

It's too bad you'll roll your eyes and leave
before you will ever get a look at the signs
that my ship has sailed, it's out to sea, floating
while you're keeping every fish that you find
and when the sickness sinks
as all things fall
who'll cut out the knots you're tying into your line
I don't need a reef, a boat, a sail or a sunrise
to drift away from the rise
of memories slowing fading into black
there's not much here to miss and there's nothing to go back to

I'm seeing the land
my best-laid-plans only took a little tiny piece of your pie
and while you're dripping drool for some poor fool
I'll be building up a better home in the skies
yeah you can keep your sneaky, selfish, snake-oil
it's a token of a trivial try
plain and petty
went and burnt out every little light you used to keep in your eyes
the memories, they slowly fade on into black
there's not much there to miss when there's nothing to go back to


from KEEP, released May 8, 2013


all rights reserved



Esoteric Tapioca Chicago

My name is Mark. This is my music project. I live in Chicago and play shows around town at galleries and cafes and basements and lofts and ballrooms and communes. I make all this music myself. Sometimes people help me too. All the songs are written and recorded by me. I hope you like it. ... more

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