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you're not allowed to watch tv
it's made you turn away from me
I'm thinking of my hand/your face
I miss you when I masturbate

I feel like my heart
is not really a heart at all
I hear it only when I fall

I want you to stay
to see that I don't fuck it up
if can I even fuck at all

I saw you on the street today
you turned and looked the other way
I'm not a goddamned parasite
the shit you do - it's not polite

I feel like the score
is not really that hard to call
so why the fuck am I appalled

I wish you could see
the way am am inside my skull
'cause I ain't really all that dull

you've got important things to do
I won't be spending time with you
you're busy with your school and work
no time to spend fucking a jerk

and I feel like a heart
is not really that hard at all
I hear it only when I fall

I want you to stay
and see if I don't fuck up
if I can even fuck at all


from whatever I love you, released January 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Esoteric Tapioca Chicago

My name is Mark. This is my music project. I live in Chicago and play shows around town at galleries and cafes and basements and lofts and ballrooms and communes. I make all this music myself. Sometimes people help me too. All the songs are written and recorded by me. I hope you like it. ... more

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